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Family Guy: Why Everyone Hates Meg Griffin

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Meg Griffin is hated by almost every character in Family Guy, but why? From the very start, Meg was completely unwanted by her parents Lois and Peter Griffin, who tried to abandon her at a fire station as a baby.

At school, she is bullied by her peers, and the abuse she receives continues at home. Her family often try to avoid her, taking very little interest in her life and tiptoeing around her so as not to be noticed when she is in the room.

Even her stuffed animals run away from her when she attempts to show them a video of her ballet recital in the episode «Brian Sings and Swings,» and Sunshine Bear commits suicide by jumping in front of a truck rather than having to live with her.

As well as avoiding her, the family actively abuses Meg. Family Guy's Peter Griffin should probably be in prison for the mistreatment of his daughter.

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