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Fallout: Bakersfield Reimagines The First Game As A Doom Clone

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The upcoming fan project known as Fallout: Bakersfield aims to recreate the first entry in the famous franchise in the form of a Doom clone.

Development appears to be well underway, but a release date has not yet been announced. The recently released teaser trailer on the other hand is pretty incredible. “On October 23, 2077, the populace of Bakersfield learned that the other Vaults had been sealed,” the story description reads. “In desperation, they took to their local shelter, forcing their way in to protect themselves and their families.

The door worked as designed: the radiation flooded in; those who survived suffered from ghoulification. In the summer of 2083, the survivors would leave the shelter.

Those that chose to stay founded the city of Necropolis.” RELATED: The Next Fallout Should Be Set In An Actual Wasteland The project was begun by the modders Red888guns, Saur X, and Alexander Berezinis.

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