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Everything Set Up for Borderlands 4 So Far

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While Borderlands 3 was controversial due to certain narrative decisions and a lack of traditional raid bosses, Gearbox has done a fine job of winning back fans since then.

The DLC for Borderlands 3 was excellent overall, and Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands proved to be a massive hit upon release — even if its own DLC has left something to be desired.

After the fan-requestedTales from the Borderlands 2 releases, it can be assumed that Borderlands 4 will be next, giving gamers another major story within the mainline series to enjoy.Fortunately for Gearbox, Borderlands 4 has a clear direction to go in when it comes to its narrative, with a few potential side stories to touch on as well.

While fans will surely learn more about the game and its plot once it is officially announced and trailers are released, some theorizing can already be done in regard to the sequel’s story.

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