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Even Dragon Ball Fans Missed Goku's True Deadliest Attack

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While Goku has proven throughout his Dragon Ball career that he has no shortage of deadly attacks, there is one move that has killed one hundred percent of the enemies he has used it against, marking it as his all-time deadliest—and fans completely missed it.

Goku has always been an incredibly deadly character from the moment he made his debut in Dragon Ball Chapter 1. In that chapter, Goku was introduced walking through the forest, killing and eating some of the most dangerous animals out there including bears, tigers, and giant fish, all like it was nothing.

Fast forward through those earlier chapters and readers witness that Goku doesn’t have any reservations about killing so long as it is for a good reason, such as for sustenance or self defense.

When Goku decides it is time for something or someone to die, he usually either uses his brute strength or delivers a devastating ki blast, with Goku's most powerful attack being the Kamehameha.

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