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Emiru calls out streamers for not caring about female content creators and using them for their benefit

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On September 23, Twitch streamer Emily "Emiru" hosted a short, one-hour long broadcast titled "serious conversation." She voiced her opinions on the ongoing streamer controversy and broke down on stream.Emily provided her thoughts on the s*xual harassment situation, wherein fellow Twitch content creator AdrianahLee alleged that CrazySlick touched her inappropriately.Emiru added that she believed the streamers involved in the controversy are unconcerned about the female content creators in the scenario, and that they are taking advantage of the latter's situation.At the 40-minute mark, the One True King (OTK) member offered her views on the streamers involved in the controversy, claiming that they don't care what happens to the female creators involved on the platform:Emiru mentioned that serious issues only come to light at the "right time":Timestamp: 00:40:37After a brief pause, the 24-year-old content creator claimed that she did not bring up a "lot of things" because she was unable to talk about them:Emiru lauded individuals who shared their stories:The streamer's emotional address was shared to the r/LivestreamFail subreddit, which became the top post on the forum.

One Redditor remarked that CrazySlick's controversy overshadowed ItsSliker's "scamming" and gambling drama:Community members claimed that the streamer controversy was like a "huge sports game" for many people:Another Redditor stated that the community on r/LivestreamFail was "doing the same," and commented:Here are some more fan reactions:During the same livestream, Emiru confirmed that she will not be leaving the streamer organization "as of right now." She talked about how the organization really cares not only for her well-being, but also for all the

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