Elden Ring works surprisingly well as a SNES game

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The Lands Between has had a 16-bit makeover, as a fan-made demake has reworked the brutal boss-bashing combat of Elden Ring in the style of a classic SNES game.Animation group 64 Bits has reimagined what Elden Ring might have looked like if it was made for Nintendo’s classic console, recreating many of its key environments, characters, and bosses as era-appropriate pixelated sprites.

Although only a short video(opens in new tab) rather than a playable demo, the Elden Ring Demake for SNES includes a couple of standout moments.The game’s biggest bosses have all been recreated in pixel art – including Malenia, Radahn, Godrick the Grafted, and Stormgate Troll – with each one animated to reflect their signature attacks in the main game.

Plenty of Elden Ring’s most notable NPCs have also received the pixel treatment, such as Iron Fist Alexander, Ranni the Witch, and Miriel (or Pope Turtle, as you might know them).While the video starts with a Tarnished gazing at the Erdtree, it shifts between underground caves, the road to Stormveil castle, a pathway through Liurnia of the Lakes, and more.

It even briefly shows an overworld map that imitates the player riding Torrent to reach new areas.As an added touch, the video’s player character changes their equipment at several points.

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