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Elden Ring Update 1.05: All the Secret Changes That Weren't Mentioned in the Patch Notes

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Elden Ring has been continually polished via a regular flow of updates. These updates often include bug fixes, weapon balancing, and general improvements to the gameplay.

FromSoftware’s latest update featured a good amount of quality of life fixes that were explained in the developer’s patch notes.There were, however, a few changes made through the update that did not get listed in the official notes.

In true FromSoftware fashion, the developers chose to keep some things a secret that players could only discover by continuing to play Elden Ring after the update.Elden Ring Update 1.05: The Biggest Quality of Life ChangesThe biggest and most useful story-driven change from the update involves the cinematic that plays after the player defeats Starscourge Radahn.

As his name implies, Radahn has been keeping the stars and cosmos at bay, and after the player defeats him, the stars begin to move again along with a meteor that crashes into the Lands Between.

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