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Elden Ring Player Creates Father Gascoigne from Bloodborne in the Game

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Elden Ring comes with a robust character creator that allows fans to change every little detail of the main character.

Fans have been experimenting with Elden Ring’s character creator ever since its release, with many choosing to play as famous personalities, such as Benedict Cumberbatch and Samuel L.

Jackson.Some Elden Ring players have re-created their favorite characters from other video games or multimedia franchises. Players have made faithful versions of Kratos, Darth Maul, Venom Snake, and even Sonic the Hedgehog.

Fans will probably continue to make other noteworthy designs as they get better at using the character creator. One Elden Ring user decided to base their character on one of the most famous bosses from another FromSoftware game.Elden Ring Meme Points Out Annoying Problem With Stonesword KeysIn a duel inside of Elden Ring, a Reddit user named orionthehoonter faces off against a character made to look like Father Gascoigne from Bloodborne.

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