Elden Ring: How to Get Cracked Pots

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Not every player uses the crafting mechanic inElden Ring, but those that do find much more use for certain items that can be found across the Lands Between.

It makes it worth collecting the various Cookbooks as well, each containing different recipes for various items. Among the resources for crafting, fans especially find usefulness in the Cracked Pots.Elden Ring's Cracked Pots cannot be farmed.

There is alimited amount of them that can be found and bought. However, a lot of players have missed an important fact, and it's that these Cracked Pots are reusable.

After they are used, they are refunded into the Tarnished's inventory. Being reusable makes the Cracked Pots invaluable, as they can make useful items like Sleep Pots, Poison Pots, Swarm Pots, and more.Elden Ring: How to Get Into Renna's RiseOverall, players can collect about 20 Cracked Pots from merchants and locations in the Lands Between.Note that if Cracked Pots are chosen as a Keepsake at the beginning of the game, that means two less will be found in the Auriza Side Tomb, and the Merchant in South Caelid will not sell his.Cracked Pots will always be finite, as a New Game Plus will not add more Cracked Pots.

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