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Elden Ring: How to Get Guardian's Swordspear

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ForElden Ring players that are collecting weapons, the Guardian's Swordspear is a must-have. The weapon is particularly good for players with Dexterity builds.

Despite having «sword» and «spear» in the name, the weapon is actually a Halberd. It scales mostly with Dexterity and Strength, and its default weapon skill is Spinning Slash.Elden Ring: Every Bell Bearing, Where To Find Them & What They Give YouElden Ring's Guardian Swordspear is not easy to get.

It is a possible drop fromErdtree Guardians. At 100 Discovery, the drop rate for this Halberd is 2%.

Unless a player gets very lucky, they will likely have to farm Erdtree Guardians to get this weapon. However, fans have discovered the best place to do this, where there are six guardians grouped in one area.The best location to farm for the Guardian Swordspear is at the Minor Erdtree Church, which is located in theAltus Plateau southwest of the Sealed Tunnel, by the west gate to the Leyndell Royal Capital in the Capital Outskirts.

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