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Elden Ring: How to Get Cursemark of Death and What It's for

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The Cursemark of Death is a very important key item for players that want to get the Duskborn Ending in Elden Ring.

It is not an easy item to obtain, either, as it requires getting far into Ranni's quest. Her questline requires killing some very difficult Elden Ring bosses and exploring some of the more dangerous locations of the Lands Between.The Cursemark of Death is on top of the Divine Tower of Liurnia, which is east of the Artist's Shack.

The tower requires an item, though, to make it to the top. The player will need the Carian Inverted Statue, and that is only obtainable through Ranni's questline.Elden Ring: How to Get Into Renna's RiseThe player must first pick up the questline at Renna's Rise, which is past Caria Manor in Liurnia.

This will require defeating the boss, Royal Knight Loretta.Once Ranni's Rise is accessible, the Tarnished can speak with her and begin her questline.

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