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Elden Ring gets the wonderful SNES demake treatment

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It finally happened: someone's made an Elden Ring demake for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. YouTube channel 64 Bits has debuted the video just below, showing their demake of Elden Ring for the SNES.

The short video gives a lovely look into the pixelated realms of The Lands Between, showing the player character venturing around the overworld before dungeon crawling to do battle.

There are some fan-favourite characters and encounters in the demake footage, including Starscourge Radahn and his beloved horse, Leonard, as well as Malenia and her deadly Waterfowl Dance move.

The famed Turtle Pope even pops up at one point, complete with a player-generated message reading "praise the dog!" In terms of combat though, the Elden Ring demake takes place in a 2.5D perspective, where the pixelated player character jabs at enemies in between dodging and rolling around the screen to evade attacks.

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