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Elden Ring Flowchart Shows Almost Every NPC Interaction in the Game

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By comparison to other FromSoftware titles that came before, Elden Ring is considerably more beginner-friendly.

With a plethora of in-game content almost immediately available to players briefly after launching Elden Ring, they are able to navigate the in-game world with a greater degree of ease and efficiency.

This is in contrast to previous FromSoftware games that required players to beat certain bosses in order to progress. However, the structure of some questlines in-game can be quite complex for certain players.For longtime fans of FromSoftware, the opaque nature of the storytelling and in-game presentation is par for the course, and Elden Ring is no exception to this.

There is a multitude of hidden quests in Elden Ring that most new players likely never experienced, simply due to how confusing the structure of the game can sometimes be.

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