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Elden Ring Bleed guide: Best weapons, Ash of War, and more

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Elden Ring recently got updated to version 1.06. The update greatly nerfed Rivers of Blood and its weapon art, Corpse Piler, which was the go-to for players who preferred the Blood Loss status effect.Bleed or Blood Loss is one of the most powerful status effects in Elden Ring.

It can be used to decimate even the most difficult late-game bosses. With Rivers of Blood getting nerfed, players are bound to take a look at other options that will allow them to benefit from the Blood Loss status ailment.Fortunately, Elden Ring is filled with loads of options in terms of weapons and Ash of War.

These options can help players craft a potentially powerful Bleed build that is viable for most of the PvE content in the game.Blood Loss is triggered when players build up the Bleed meter on their target, which causes it to lose a good chunk of its health when the meter fills.

The meter goes up with every hit that players make with a Bleed-infused weapon. For this reason, a faster and more agile weapon should be considered for Bleed-oriented builds, along with talismans that amplify the status effect.Weapons like katanas and curved swords are the best choices for builds that are focused on Blood Loss.

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