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Easter Sunday Review: Jo Koy's Family-Centric Comedy Underwhelms

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A comedy requires great comedic timing and a story that sticks to its main premise without derailing. In Jo Koy’s transition from stand-up comedian to film star, Easter Sunday proves to be an underwhelming project for him and fails the entire cast and the narrative it's trying to tell.

The comedy is simply trying to do too much. Its story is simple in nature, but when it throws in a subplot involving debt and a laughable loan shark who desperately wants his money, Easter Sunday becomes a contrived mess that deviates from every element that could have made this film so much more than it is.

Jo Valencia (Koy) is a struggling actor. Known best for a beer commercial, Jo is on the cusp of landing a co-leading role in a new sitcom, but studio executives won’t hire him unless he agrees to do a fake Filipino accent (to which he argues he already has one and refuses to do it).

In his personal life, Jo has a somewhat strained relationship with his son Junior (Brandon Wardell), who is frustrated that his dad never seems to have enough time for him.

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