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EarthBound Streamer Grinds Over 30 Hours to Get Rare Item, Accidentally Kicks Console

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Twitch streamer TragicOnTwitch has been dedicated to an act of suffering for some time now. She's been doing a 100% completion run of EarthBound going back multiple months, a massive game in and of itself.

But for four different streams and over 30 hours of gameplay, TragicOnTwitch has been focused on one item: the Gutsy Bat, a very rare item.

It's hard enough to get playing Earthbound normally, but TragicOntwitch made it all the more difficult by finally finding the Gutsy Bat, only to accidentally kick her console and turn it off.Four days and 30 hours of streaming on Twitch is a long time to dedicate to acquiring an item.

TragicOnTwitch was dedicated to the task, however. The Gutsy Bat has a 1 in 128 drop rate and only drops from the Bionic Kraken, which doesn't spawn constantly in the first place.

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