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Drop + Epos H3X headset review: Superb comfort and sound

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Drop has teamed up with Epos to craft an affordable yet impressive headset for gamers. The Drop + Epos H3X bears a striking resemblance to Epos' other headsets including the Epos H6Pro but with some subtle changes to the aesthetic.

The sound has been tuned too, with a reduction in the bass and a more natural sound to improve the sound specifically for gaming.

So in theory at this price, it should be a great bit of kit. We've been gaming with it to find out. 4/5 The Drop + Epos H3X features tuned sound for gamers, a subtle aesthetic and an affordable pricetag too.

When we first got our hands on the Drop + Epos H3X headset it was an immediately familiar experience, especially after having time with various Epos headsets.

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