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Don't be /Rude to Fyrakk!

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Fyrakk the Blazing may be an ancient proto-dragon with cunning and wisdom beyond our mortal understanding, but the Primal Incarnate of Fire is also a proud soul that doesn't take kindly to bad manners.

Beware of being too /rude to the proto-dragon, or risk sparking his wrath! Caution: Minor campaign story spoilers ahead! During the third chapter of the Embers of Neltharion campaign, Fyrakk can be found bathing in molten lava around Aberrus, absorbing its power.

Players can use this opportunity to tease the distracted proto-drake, though doing so can have dire consequences! Like Queen Azshara in the Eternal Palace, emoting /rude to the dragon will cause him to respond with a gout of burning Shadowflame, applying the Roasted debuff — inflicting heavy shadow damage over time and 100% reduced healing.

Unfortunately, bathing in flame this way doesn't give you the new achievement for getting burned alive, which is likely only obtainable during Fyrakk Assaults on the Dragon Isles.

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