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Disney Shares Details And Concept Art For Upcoming Pixar Movie Elemental

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From Toy Story to Turning Red, Pixar has persisted in making many beloved animated feature films over the course of nearly three decades.

The venerable studio has shown no signs of slowing down with making original films and sequels alike. Now, Disney and Pixar have announced their twenty-seventh feature film, Elemental, and unveiled the film's logo and concept art for the very first time.Elemental will be the fifth original Pixar film since the release of Toy Story 4, following Onward, Soul, Luca, and Turning Red.

In the summer of 2019, Toy Story 4 producer Mark Nielsen confirmed that Pixar would focus on original features after the film's release, a statement of intent that went on to be fulfilled by their following release slate.

Lightyear, a Toy Story spinoff releasing this June, is the only Pixar film since Toy Story 4 to be based on pre-existing material created by the studio.The Case For A Buzz Lightyear Video GameElemental tells a story about a city full of people made of elements such as water, fire, land, and air, where a water guy and fire girl meet each other for the first time and, quote from Disney, «discover [...] how much they have in common.» The film is directed by Peter Sohn, who previously directed The Good Dinosaur for Pixar.

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