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Disney Dreamlight Valley Guide: Clay farming - How to get 200 clay under 30 minutes

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Disney Dreamlight Valley is a new adventure and life-sim game sweeping the nation (the whole world, really) these days. The game allows you to create a virtual life in the world of Disney’s creation, where you can live alongside many of their famous characters in a magical land called Dreamlight Valley.One of the distinguishing features of Disney Dreamlight Valley is that it contains numerous quests that you can undertake, given to you by the many residents of the valley.

Nearly all quests will require you to collect materials from across the map, and one of them, which is slightly tricky to amass, is clay.Not only is the clay hard to come by in Disney Dreamlight Valley, but you will also need to collect quite an exorbitant amount for many quests.

One such quest for Minnie Mouse requires you to collect 200 clay, which is quite a lot for how difficult it is to collect. In this guide, I’ll show you how to quickly farm clay using an exploit that the community recently found.Clay is a building material in Disney Dreamlight Valley, which is required to craft various items and furniture, such as brick walls.

You’ll find clay in only a few locations around the valley, as it is not as readily available as stone or coal.The three biomes in which you can find clay are the Glade of Trust, Sunlit Plateau, and Forgotten Realm.

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