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Disco Elysium studio declares 'resolution' of legal battle while two of its ousted founders insist the fight continues: 'they will not silence us'

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On March 14, Eurogamer(opens in new tab) and GamesIndustry.biz(opens in new tab) reported on a ZA/UM press release that declared the resolution of its legal dispute with founding member and Disco Elysium producer Kaur Kender, while also indicating that Disco Elysium project lead Robert Kurvitz and lead artist Aleksander Rostov's wrongful termination suit was dismissed over lack of evidence.

Since then, Kurvitz and «Sander Taal» (GamesIndustry.biz indicates that this is a pseudonym used by Rostov) have responded, stating that they will continue to pursue legal action.

Meanwhile, ZA/UM released Disco Elysium's first content update since December 2021's «Jamais Vu» patch. This is the first public development in the story since ZA/UM CEO Ilmar Kompus paid €4.8 million back to the company and Disco Elysium producer Kaur Kender withdrew his own lawsuit against the developer(opens in new tab).

In ZA/UM's initial press release this week, it claimed that Kender has since paid Kompus for his legal fees, and GamesIndustry.biz shared a seemingly contrite message from the writer and entrepreneur: «I am thankful for the years of trust and cooperation with the team, which made Disco Elysium a successful project,» Kender told GamesIndustry.biz. «After leaving my full-time role, I filed a lawsuit which I realized, after seeing the facts, was misguided.» ZA/UM further stated that Kurvitz and Rostov's «unfair dismissal» claim against the company has been dropped due to «lack of evidence,» but this only seems to be part of the full case against it as the company still faces what it characterizes as a «series of baseless allegations from former employees» that will «fall apart under legal and factual scrutiny.» A representative for Kurvitz

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