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Diablo Immortal: Paragon Leveling Guide

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When players reach the maximum level of Diablo Immortal, they can become Paragon and continue leveling up to obtain more powerful stats and loot — perfect for the Diablo game’s increasingly difficult and persistent missions.

First introduced in Diablo 3, the Paragon System further expands the game's replayability by giving players more options to progress through the Diablogame far beyond their level cap.Related: Beginner Tips For Diablo 2: Resurrected You Need To KnowIn Diablo Immortal, the game takes Paragon Levels a step further from its Diablo 3counterpart.

This time around, Paragon Trees which offers expanded customization features can further develop player characters. However, with this new system being rather complex at first glance, just how should players approach their Paragon levels in Diablo Immortal and still enjoy the title’s endgame?Originally implemented in Diablo 3, the Paragon System is a means for players to extend their playthroughs of a Diablo game that remains accommodating to the tile’s progressing levels of difficulty.

The first iterations of the Paragon System involved providing players with bonuses to core stats whenever they got a level, with the current Diablo 3 Paragon System giving players no limits to Paragon Levels and opportunities to boost their stats for every level.This works well with Diablo 3’s increasingly-difficult Hell levels, as well as its other replayability options such as Hardcore and Seasonal characters.

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