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Diablo Immortal: Hidden Lair Locations

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Aside from procedural dungeons, it’s replayable raids that make Diablo quite the lasting experience. With demons from the Burning Hells nowhere near extinction despite the defeat of the Prime Evils in Diablo 2, it’s up to a new group of heroes in Diablo Immortal to protect the world of Sanctuary.

And for players who finished the Diablogame’s story so far, the job isn’t exactly done considering the number of replayable content players can continuously farm to get stronger.Related: Beginner Tips For Diablo 2: Resurrected You Need To KnowPart of such farming in Diablo Immortallie in Hidden Lairs, or special areas in select zones that serve as mini-raids for players and their teams can farm from time to time.

Compared to regular dungeons, these Hidden Lairs often have special rewards in store for players. However, to those who want to farm and get stronger, just what is thebest way to approach Hidden Lairs?Before players get into the specifics of finding Hidden Lairs, it may help to learn what they are first.

At its core, Hidden Lairs are special dungeons scattered throughout various areas that open at random intervals.

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