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Destiny 2 hotfix full patch notes: Disjunction matchmaking, Spark of Feedback Fragment, Touch of Malice, and more

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Destiny 2 Season of Plunder just received a mid-week hotfix with a few patch notes to fix certain ongoing issues. With Grandmaster Nightfall little more than a week away, Bungie will want their weapon sandbox to be perfect, so the community can't cheese their way out of the endgame activity.The latest hotfix involves notes that address the changes to the map rotation in Control.

As of today, new maps including the Cathedral of Dusk and Disjunction will have less weight in matchmaking during Crucible matches.Other notable fixes include a fix to the Daughters encounter in King's Fall Raid, where players were able to deal increased damage with Rocket Launchers.

The following article includes all the changes made to the game's sandbox on September 23.Disclaimer: The patch notes mentioned in this article are based on Bungie's official website.Q.

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