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Destiny 2 Player Has Idea To Improve Rewards For Returning Master Raids

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While Destiny 2 players have warmly welcome back the Vault of Glass and King's Fall raids, there have been some complaints about the rewards for completing Master difficulty and one player believes they have a solution.

In an era where weapon crafting is available, it appears to have taken away some appeal of grinding for adept raid weapons when players can craft their ideal role after unlocking the weapon frame.

The player in question says the possible solution lies in the first Destiny, specifically the Age of Triumph, to incentivize players to hop back into Master Raids and defeat the forces of the Darkness awaiting guardians.Age of Triumph was an event held in the final months of the original Destiny to celebrate guardians' accomplishments over the game's three-year lifespan and lead into Destiny 2's launch.

The event saw Bungie freshen up the game's four raids by bringing them up to player levels, rework weapon drops, and freshen armor sets with new cosmetic options available.

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