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Upcoming Eververse Store in Destiny 2: Season of Plunder weekly reset (October 18)

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Destiny 2's official Halloween event is finally here. With the upcoming weekly reset scheduled to happen in the next few hours, Guardians will be ushered into a spook fest that does not involve fighting Hive Lightbearers or Nightmares, something the Vanguard has been doing for the past two seasons.Although those foes will still exist, they will be restricted to their domain.

For the Festival of the Lost, Guardians will, no doubt, face spooky enemies, but these enemies will have a slight comical twist to them.

With that said, the Eververse Store will also reflect some of that long-awaited Halloween flair that Destiny 2 lacked for a while.Unlike previous weeks, where Guardians could purchase regular ornaments and cosmetics from the Eververse Store, this week, Guardians will be able to buy some really interesting Halloween-themed ornaments in exchange for Bright Dust.Bright Dust is a currency that Guardians have to earn in the game.

There are a lot of seasonal challenges that offer Bright Dust in return for successfully completing a challenge. Some vendors at the Tower offer Bright Dust in exchange for completing some bounties as well.Although the offerings are somewhat less this week, they come with a nice little twist, so this week's Eververse Store is somewhat interesting.

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