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Dangerous? 44-foot asteroid comes calling on Earth today; NASA reveals how close it will get

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Do dinosaurs fascinate you? Do you know how they got extinct? Well, it is believed that a gigantic asteroid's collision with planet Earth was the reason behind the same.

Imagine what will happen, if anything similar happens now? NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) tracks the movement and trajectory of the asteroids and informs about their speed, distance and more.

Notably, our planet is surrounded by a huge number of near-Earth objects (NEO) in space that pose a threat to the entire planet.

And asteroids, one of the NEOs, depending on its size and speed, can have tremendous destructive power.As per the latest details provided by NASA's JPL, a huge house sized 44-foot asteroid named 2016 WH is rushing towards Earth today, Sunday, March 19.

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