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Codemasters breaks down how it made the cars in F1 22 sound like the real thing

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EA's Codemasters is making F1 2022 audio more realistic with an improved driver modes plus updates that make broadcast and car sounds more authentic, it revealed in its latest Developer Deep Dive video.

It also unveiled its first licensed soundtrack with 33 songs from artists like Charli XCX, Hozier and Marshmellow. This year Formula 1 introduced all new cars that rely on floor tunnels to generate downforce and allow for tighter racing, along with all-new engines and more.

F1 2022 is on top of those changes not just with the physics and visuals but also the sounds. To that end, the game has introduced all-new engine bundles based on the real vehicle sounds to give you the feeling of sitting in real Red Bull, Ferrari, Mercedes and other Formula 1 vehicles. "In a game like F1 22 the cars are the star so we want them to sound as authentic as possible.

We record the actual cars every season and it's important that we recreate the authenticity of the engines," said audio director Brad Porter. "Players use the sound of the engine to drive the car so it's important to get that across as accurately as possible." That also includes touches like recording audio using the real headsets from team race engineers and simulating how things would sound to a driver inside a helmet.

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