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Claim To Fame: M Lamar Reveals Favorite Fan Guesses For His Identity

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The Claim to Fame contestant X was revealed to be M Lamar, actress Laverne Cox's identical twin brother, and he now shares his favorite fan guesses for his identity.

M Lamar is the professional name of Reginald Lamar Cox, the composer, performer, and artist. He was so mysterious that his fellow Claim to Fame contestants joked that he might have been a vampire.

He dressed completely in black, with black eye makeup and long black hair. During the Claim to Fame episode 1 talent show, M Lamar played the piano and sang in an operatic voice and shared with viewers that he is a composer and a performer.

Claim to Fame contestant Lark correctly guessed M Lamar's identity in episode 3, thus eliminating him from the game. The houseguests put together the clues about him, including an orange, which led his fellow contestant Dominique to believe that he might related to Laverne because she starred on Orange Is The New Black.

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