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Shocking Kill Bill Theory Reveals The Bride Never... Killed Bill

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The Kill Bill duology followed The Bride’s mission to get her revenge against Bill and kill him, which she achieved in Kill Bill: Volume 2, but a theory suggests that she never actually killed Bill, and it was all an elaborate play act.

Quentin Tarantino has earned a place in film history with his trademark narrative and visual style, though he has also become a controversial writer and director due to the big amounts of violence and blood in his movies, as well as due to some behind-the-scenes incidents and the way some of his characters were portrayed.

Tarantino’s career as a filmmaker began in 1992 with the crime movie Reservoir Dogs, and while it was a critical success, his big break arrived two years later with Pulp Fiction, another crime movie with the particularity of being told in a non-linear style.

Since then, Tarantino has explored different genres with his movies – from slasher with Death Proof to alternate versions of historical events with Inglourious Basterds and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood – and in 2003, he paid a visit to the martial arts genre with Kill Bill and Kill Bill: Volume 2, released six months apart.

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