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Can Sniper Elite work as a board game? Yes, if you remember the objective

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I like my Sniper Elite the way I like my barbecued brisket — low and slow. Naturally, my biggest question when taking on this franchise in tabletop form was how long a session would take.

Could I complete a game in less time than it takes for me to pick my way through one of the video game’s lavish banquets of long-range death?

Well, yes. Start to finish, which includes learning the board and playing a round on one of the two base maps for Sniper Elite: The Board Game, I completed a solo mission in about 90 minutes.

With up to three additional players (controlling the Sniper and up to three patrols of three guards each), Sniper Elite, designed by Roger Tankersley and David Thompson for Rebellion Unplugged, can still hit an hour or more, but the game has a baked-in time limit to keep missions from continuing indefinitely.

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