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Bungie is bringing one of Destiny 2's most controversial game modes to Crucible

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Destiny 2 PvP has always been hit-or-miss over the years. Bungie has tried experimenting with different game modes, tuning gears, and adding new weapons to the mix, but the community has always felt that something is missing in terms of overall quality.

With the new Iron Banner system, players loved the idea of focusing their engrams on weapons, but some hated Rift.In the recent TWAB (This Week At Bungie), Bungie announced that a new game mode would be added to next season's Iron Banner and would be called Eruption.

This means that the company always had other plans for Rift, which turned out to lean towards the Crucible.Starting in Season 18, players will see the Rift in the weekly rotator of Crucible, alongside a few twists within the game mode.As mentioned earlier, Rift will be added to the weekly rotator starting from Season 18.

Furthermore, Bungie will be introducing some modifications to the game mode by adding "standard overtime rules". Overtime applies to Rift in the form of a tiebreaker, where the first team to capture and deposit wins the match.However, Bungie is looking to add to this rule for breaking a tie in the future, rather than winning a match.

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