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Black Bolt Needed Only One Word To Become Marvel's Ultimate Hulk-Stopper

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The Hulk is one of the most indestructible forces in the Marvel Universe, but the hero has stood little chance against Black Bolt's powerful sonic scream, including a meeting that left him severely banged up.

In a classic fight between Hulk and Black Bolt, the Inhuman King took down the Jade Giant with his voice, leaving the longtime Avenger literally too stunned to speak as he collapsed due to the after-effects of the blast.

The Hulk has earned his title as one of Marvel's strongest heroes, as the Gamma-powered monster has become a force of pure power.

But, the Hulk isn't just his strength but has some incredible defensive prowess, including a healing factor, near-impenetrable skin, and a resolve to take a beating that would kill most other heroes.

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