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BIP: Natasha Parker Defends Herself Against Blake Horstmann's Comments

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This week Bachelor In Paradise's very own Natasha Parker took to Instagram to defend herself against Blake Horstmann's comments on the Behind The Rose podcast.

Though Natasha and Blake were both on BIP, their seasons couldn't have gone more differently. Blake's season made a mockery of the fact that he had hooked up with several of the contestants prior to coming on the show at the Stagecoach festival.

When Blake walked onto the beaches of Paradise, he wasn't expecting any of his past indiscretions to be brought up. But to his surprise, nearly every girl he entangled with at Stagecoach was there, and the women weren't shy about their past history.

By the time Blake decided to leave, he had been made into a joke for his promiscuous behavior. Natasha joined BIP the next season, and though there was no Blake in sight, there was plenty of drama.

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