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Beware Baalphazu: The Making of Nightveil Hallow

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Shapes in the mist! Shrieks in the night! The demon Baalphazu, Marquis of Terror, and his horde of ghoulish Pumpkinites are spreading a living nightmare across Aeternum!

Aid Salvatore the Mad in his quest to banish these foul terrors and collect a bounty of Nightveil Hallow rewards!We spoke to the Design, Narrative, AI, and Audio Teams for insight into each aspect of the event.

Let’s find out some of the tricks that brought you this Halloween treat. You’ll also get a glimpse at early Nightveil Hallow concept art from before Baalphazu could cast their first shadow over Aeternum.“The direction of Nightveil Hallow was greatly inspired by 80’s horror movies, specifically the awesome creature-flicks and fun-spirited ‘schlocky’ tone of the era,“ said Holiday Event Feature Lead Deric Nunez. ”As a Halloween and horror-fanatic, it was a blast to work with the team to mix all the pieces that make 80’s horror so iconic and present them within the realm of Aeternum.

Baalphazu and his Pumpkinites convey a theme that should hopefully feel familiar to fans of the genre and season, while Salvatore is a classic throwback to the golden age of horror cinema icons.”“The goal of every holiday event is to ensure it’s unmistakable to players that a special event is happening in Aeternum,” said Deric. “With that, the playfully decorated settlements composed by Douglas Guanlao, Brian Patenaude, and Rosie Stzralkowski round out Nightveil Hallow.

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