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Rainbow Six Siege Operation Solar Raid: New Defender Solis, gadget, loadout, and more

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Rainbow Six Siege is all set to introduce a brand new Season with the upcoming expansion, Operation Solar Raid. Fans have been eagerly waiting for the expansion as the Season will also introduce Solis, a new Operator.Solis is officially confirmed to be a Defender.

The past seasons brought some great Operators to Siege, with Sens and Osa being some of the strongest picks on the attack. With Solis, Ubisoft is trying to give the meta a change that the game needs.Rainbow Six Siege has always thrived in terms of providing a balanced experience between tactics and aggression.

The addition of Solis aims to improve that experience.Solis will be the new Defender from Colombia who will make her entry into the Operator pool with Operation Solar Raid in Rainbow Six Siege.

She will be a two-speed, two-armor rated Operator, who will excel at relaying information to her team.Solis' kit is designed in a way that players can comfortably roam with her.

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