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FIFA 23 80+ Double Upgrade SBC- How to complete, estimated costs, solutions, and more

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The 80+ Double Upgrade SBC is live on FIFA 23, and Ultimate Team players can complete the simple single-task Squad Building Challenge to add some cost-effective upgrades to their FUT squads.With the Qatar World Cup bringing in a number of newcomers to the game, challenges such as these are essential for players to start their Ultimate Team journeys as they allow them to obtain some nice cards at cheap prices.

If luck has it, they can even pack a unique card from the ongoing Path to Glory promo.Squad Building Challenges require players to make and exchange a team built from the ground up for some rewards.

Here is a guide to completing the FIFA 23 80+ Double Upgrade SBC with ease.The Squad Building Challenge is relatively easy, with players expected to build an all-gold team of six footballers to complete the challenge.

Players need to exchange a squad that follows all of these simple requirements to complete the SBC:Rewards: 2x 80+ Rated Rare Players (Untradeable)Estimated Cost: 4,000 - 5,000 FUT coins across all platformsAs mentioned before, the challenge is quite simple and inexpensive.

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