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Better Call Saul Teases The 1 Person Who Can Stop Gene (It's Not Kim)

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Only one person can save Gene Takavic from himself in Better Call Saul, but that cape-wearing guardian angel may not be who you think… With only a scant two episodes remaining, Better Call Saul is balanced on a knife edge.

Jimmy has broken bad all over again — this time in Better Call Saul's Gene timeline — and season 6, episode 11 ends with him invading a cancer patient's home to commit robbery despite an obscenely high chance of getting caught.

Gene is rapidly careering down a dark path, and Better Call Saul seems destined to conclude in tragic fashion. At first glance, Kim Wexler seems the obvious candidate to prevent Gene self-destructing.

His desperate desire for reconciliation is glaringly obvious, and it's an unsuccessful phone call to Kim that triggers this latest regression into Saul Goodman territory.

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