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Best loadout for RPK in Warzone 2

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Activision released Call of Duty Warzone 2 on November 16 globally almost three weeks after Modern Warfare 2 launched. The grand success of Activision's front-running story mode and multiplayer title paved the path for its latest Battle Royale title to carry forward the legacy created by its prequel.Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2 share a common platform that allows players to enjoy cross-progression features between both games.

This creates a seamless flow of weapons and equipment across the titles, creating a comfortable ecosystem and introducing a new weapon configuration platform.The new configuration platform allows players to completely change the essential nature of a base weapon and repurpose it to be used in a different scenario.

Most fans will try to use the weapons in the current meta and avoid using other guns, which overshadows some hidden gems.The Light Machine Gun (LMG) weapon class is a power-packed category of guns that are generally heavy and hard to carry around.

The weapons included in this class have a high ammo capacity and deal a large amount of damage while compromising the movement of the weapon at hand.

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