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How to check K/D, wins, and combat records in Warzone 2

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In hardcore Battle Royale titles like Call of Duty: Warzone 2, keeping track of one's statistics such as K/D ratio, wins, and other variables are essential.

They provide players with crucial data, enabling them to analyze and improve their performance. Moreover, they have social aspects such as flexing one's K/D ratio or total wins to other players as a way of telling them they are better at the game.Warzone 2 launched along with Modern Warfare 2 Season 1, which introduced a new Battle Pass, four guns to the roster of weapons, maps, and more.

The title has received major changes over its prequel and all of this is evident in the game's map, Al Mazrah.Despite all the latest upgrades and changes, fans aren't able to look up their own basic statistics and their previous match performances.Being able to check one's own performance has been an important feature since the first Call of Duty.

Although this option was not available upon the launch of Modern Warfare 2 (2022) and Warzone 2, with Season 1 of the game, the developers added the statistics and records option to Modern Warfare 2.

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