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What is G-Walk in Modern Warfare 2 and how to do it

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is an all-time franchise hit as players are having a blast grinding the game for hours to upgrade their weapons and account level, as well as finding new ways to win every match.The past month has been full of new discoveries of bugs and glitches in the multiplayer mode, which can help players achieve both the aforementioned goals they have while playing.With the launch of Warzone 2 and the arrival of the Season 1 Battle Pass, Modern Warfare 2 went through a hotfix that added strange glitches to the multiplayer as well.A recent glitch has left players in disbelief as it introduces them to an insane movement style that can help them immensely in all multiplayer matches.Coined G-Walk (inspired from Gorilla Walk), it makes the player move like a gorilla, but at a faster pace.

However, some call it the Snake Walk because it allows for movement in the form of a wave. Here's what the glitch exactly is in Modern Warfare 2 is and how you can do it.The G-Walk is a prone-to-sprint movement method that was brought to the players' attention by EuphoriaDream on Twitter.

It requires players to hit the prone and sprint button in quick succession so it looks like a gorilla or a snake's walk.Some players highly dislike the movement as they have been the victim of players spamming the G-Walk in a match, leaving them helpless.

Meanwhile, others seem to enjoy it as it is bound to get popular over time, and might even become a part of the new meta in Modern Warfare 2.The movement mechanic has gone so viral that players are doing it in groups and rushing their opponents to incite fear in them so they panic and miss their shots.

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