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Best loadout for HCR 56 in Warzone 2 Season 1

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Call of Duty Warzone 2 was recently released by Activision as the new and front-running Battle Royale title on November 16. The game includes stunning visuals and multiple new changes that introduce increased immersion by ingraining realistic features.

The title was released across multiple supported platforms as well as on Steam for PC users.Warzone brought along a major overhaul of the weapon configuration platform which enabled players to completely modify the base weapon and change its basic nature for a different scenario.This causes multiple new ideas to emerge for a single weapon and offers flexibility to the playstyles of different players even when using the same base gun.Fans can try and follow the most popular weapon and a strong build for it to gain the upper hand and avoid disadvantages in gunfights while on the battlefield.

While there is no inherent fault in following the trend and utilizing the highlighted weapons, it sometimes overshadows other equipment that can prove to be equally effective or better.Let us take a look at the HCR 56 Light Machine Gun and its merits with the best possible weapon build for it in Warzone 2.There are multiple weapons in the arsenal of Warzone 2 as it shares a common platform with Modern Warfare 2 and utilizes cross-progression.

Both titles share the entire collection of weapons which increased in size after Activision's new Battle Royale brought along the Season 1 and Battle Pass, which added new weapons to the collection.The HCR 56 is a great choice for medium to long-range gunfights as it can output consistent damage with tamable recoil just like its counterparts in the Assault Rifle weapon class.

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