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How to obtain and equip the Retro Prisoner skin in The Callisto Protocol

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While The Callisto Protocol is plagued with a few performance issues on launch, horror-survival video game fans are still enjoying the narrative and some of the gameplay features that the title has to offer.As you go about exploring the Black Iron Prison on the moon as Jacob Lee, you will be required to face hordes of enemies as you look for ways to keep the protagonist alive against all odds.

Fortunately, the game will allow you to take care of the enemy advances in style, as you will be able to apply cosmetics and skins on Jacob.One of the more popular skins that players have been looking to equip on the protagonist is the Retro Prisoner skin, which you will be able to obtain in the game.

The cosmetic is a rather unique offering as it puts Jacob in one of the Retro Prisoner outfits as he fights his way through the Black Iron Prison.Hence, today’s guide will specifically go over how you can obtain as well as equip the Retro Prisoner skin in The Callisto Protocol.The only way that you will be able to obtain the Retro Prisoner Skin in The Callisto Protocol is to purchase certain editions of the game that offer the cosmetic as a bonus feature.It is also one of the pre-order bonuses that you will be able to acquire.

Hence, if you are one of the many who purchased the title before its official release, it's likely that you already have Jacob’s Retro Prisoner skin in your inventory.However, if you have not pre-ordered the game, but want to obtain the cosmetic, you will be required to purchase one out of the following editions of the game:All of these editions will offer you a Retro Prisoner skin for Jacob along with two additional weapon skins.

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