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Aurelian Sol's League of Legends PBE delayed due to technical issues

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League of Legends' very own Star Forger will take longer than anticipated to arrive on the Public Beta Environment (PBE) client.Riot Games is postponing the release of Aurelion Sol's new kit on the PBE owing to unspecified technical difficulties, even though they only announced it a few weeks ago.The delay was announced today by Robert "KingCobra" Rosa, a Riot game producer on the League of Legends' champions team.

The team is working with developers to obtain clips of Aurelion Sol's skins and gameplay, and plans to share them with players perhaps tomorrow.The videos will be used to get some early feedback on the champion's update, as Aurelion Sol's PBE debut is currently delayed.The cosmic dragon will have a new set of skills, but his appearance and splash art won't change; however, many players will undoubtedly be delighted to witness Aurelion Sol's updated ability kit across various parallel universes.This will be especially true for his brand-new ultimate ability, The Skies Descend, which will bring a huge star crashing down on the Rift and produce a powerful shockwave upon impact.The Aurelion Sol rework appears to be extremely intriguing.

In League of Legends, he resembles Orianna and Syndra more than ever. He and Veigar share a few characteristics as well.A part of the League of Legends community doesn't seem happy, though, as they believe Aurelion Sol's identity has been stolen; however, the skill clips indicated that he would become a scaling wizard in the game, and he might end up being incredibly strong.Whether these alterations to the champ's PBE release timetable will impact the release of Aurelion Sol's polished kit is still unknown.

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