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Apex Legends: The Best Counters for Newcastle

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Apex Legends' 13th Season, Saviors, has just dropped, and along with a new Battle Pass, some map tweaks, and some general quality of life improvements, a brand new playable Legend has been introduced.

Named Newcastle, this new Legend takes a primarily defensive role, with abilities that allow him to drag downed teammates and deploy a range of sturdy shields capable of protecting the entire team.

Unlike most new Legends when they're first introduced, Newcastle seems like a middle-of-the-road character with quite a few counters to his abilities.With Newcastle being a defensive hero that relies on his shields and teammates, there are a few Legends that can counter his strengths quite easily.

While most of these strategies should help to take down a Newcastle player with relative ease, it might take a bit of skill to nail down those players that have a particular knack for playing as Apex Legends' defensive heroes.Complete Apex Legends Season 13 Battle Pass BreakdownIn a tragic twist of irony, Newcastle's own sister, Bangalore, is actually one of the best counters to his shield abilities.

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