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Apex Legends Leaks Reveal The Game's Level Cap May Soon Be Increased

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For years, Apex Legends players have been begging for the game's level cap--which currently cuts off at level 500--to be increased.

Based on recent tweets by dataminer SomeoneWhoLeaks, Respawn is planning to raise the level cap to 700 in the near future. Levels 501-700 being added in the near future.

Respective legends themed frames are Octane & Lifeline. SomeoneWhoLeaks discovered badge frames in the game's files indicating that 200 new levels will likely be accessible to Apex players in the near future.

The anonymous leaker, who has previously leaked accurate information on everything from upcoming skins to gameplay changes, posted images of level badge frames for both Lifeline and Octane, but claimed they'd discovered dozens more.

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