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Alien: Isolation studio is making a shooter about stealing Sega merch from the rich

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Sega has announced Hyenas, a flashy, new sci-fi multiplayer first-person shooter that comes courtesy of European developer Creative Assembly, the creator of Total War and Alien: Isolation.

Hyenas stole the show at IGN’s Summer of Gaming showcase on Wednesday, showing off a trailer packed with gunfights on the ground and in zero gravity — as well as some Sega Easter eggs.

The game pits five teams of three against each other as they shoot and steal their way to become the best space pirates in the universe.

In Hyenas, billionaires take off for Mars, destroying Earth in the process and taking all the rare pop-culture merchandise with them in their spaceship shopping malls filled with the merch stolen from Earth’s remains, leaving ordinary class citizens drifting through space in a slum called the Taint.

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