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Ai Senshi Nicol teaches us what a love warrior is all about

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I have this headcanon with Ai Senshi Nicol, that it’s about a female protagonist out to rescue her girlfriend. It’s not much of a stretch.

The title translates to Love Warrior Nicol (perhaps they meant Nicole, but the English text spells it Nicol). The protagonist has bright pink hair (which isn’t strictly gendered, just to be clear).

They’re named Nicol. Maybe it’s an unlikely subtext for a game released before even Caper in the Castro, but a girl can dream.

Sometimes I wish ’80s video games were a little gayer. Ai Senshi Nicol is a top-down, flip-screen shooter by Konami. If you think The Guardian Legend but without the shoot-’em-up sections, I’ll have to take your word for it because it has been years since I last played it.

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