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AI Image Generator Shows What Ghost-Type Pokemon Mimikyu Would Look Like in Real Life

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The Pokemon series has stayed family friendly over the years. Though many of the people who play the games have grown older, the Pokemon franchise has stayed on the safe side for its target younger audience.Despite this, there are some aspects of the series that have dark tones.

This is usually true of the PokeDex entries for Ghost-Type Pokemon, which can involve kidnapping children and stealing souls.

One of the creepier Pokemon is Mimikyu, which hides under a rag designed after Pikachu and is supposedly involved in the death of humans.RELATED: Pokemon Fan Makes Adorable Wooden OrnamentsA Redditor known as AltoScribe uploaded AI generated images of the Pokemon Mimikyu that show the pocket monster on the side of a trail, looking terrifying.

In each picture, it appears as if the Pikachu costume that Mimikyu wears was poorly cobbled together as it tried its best to deceive all of those around it.

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