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Action Figure Accidentally Reveals The Flash Villain's Powers

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The Flash spoilers may have dropped from an unlikely source, giving fans a strong hint at the nature of the film’s fearsome antagonist.

This latest detail is the last piece in a puzzle that has been filled in bit by bit in the lead-up to the film’s much-anticipated release.Based on the eponymous character of the same name from DC Comics, The Flashis set to serve as the narrative device with which James Gunn and Peter Safran affect their soft reboot of the DC Extended Universe, which has been in the works since the two were appointed to the head of the DC film division.

The film will be based on Flashpoint,a well-loved comic book event that did much the same for the comic book continuity as the co-bosses hope to implement in the DC Universe, with Barry Allen's attempt to save his mother’s life via speed-force-enabled time travel causing monumental changes in time and kicking off a multiverse-spanning adventure.

The Flash Sets Its First Screening For AprilWhile the public has been given the gist of the film’s plot and planned cameos through regular channels, such as withThe Flash big game TV spot showing off Micheal Keaton's Batman, the film’s antagonist has been another issue.

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